Fantasi Short Fill E Liquids

Short Fill E Liquid

Short Fills highly recommends the Fantasi range of short fill e liquids. Each Fantasi juice is not only a delicious fruity concoction but also has an unbeatable cooling sensation to keep your tastebuds fresh and help you survive these hot summer days.


  • Short Fill Fantasi bottles are 65ml with 55ml of e liquid. This means you can add a 10ml nicotine shot to make almost 3mg of e juice.
  • The Fantasi flavours are Malaysian who are renowned for producing some of the most delicious cooling e liquids around.
  • Fantasi are proving to be popular 'all day vapes' as vapes are continually coming back for more.


Short Fill Fantasi Offers

  • £17.99 per 65ml Bottles (55ml of e juice)
  • 3 nicotine shots for £5 or £3 each
  • Free postage on orders over £28


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Fantasi Short Fill E Liquid