About Short Fills

Short Fill E Liquid 

Hi, my name is Fill, and my nickname is Short Fills for obvious reasons. I have lived a rather lonely life trying to compete with my taller friends. I found many hiding places over the years. Following a change in the UK's laws for vape, I found lots of large abandoned bottles to hide in. I was so short that most bottles had a gap at the top where I hid, but I had never felt so secure as I snugly fit inside these e liquid bottles.


Shortly after all those abandoned large bottles were written off by the vape industry, I met a lady friend. She was called Nic. She found a room in the top of my chosen bottle. We both had a brain wave! Why doesn't the vape industry mix zero nicotine big bottles with a short fill of nicotine, meaning big bottles containing nicotine would be allowed once again!


As a result of mine and Nic's idea, the vape industry created large bottles with zero nicotine flavours and vapers mixed the top gap with a nicotine shot. The industry named the new big bottles after me, Short Fill, and the nicotine shots were named after Nic. This was the start of the Short Fill and Nic shot revolution.