Flawless Infamous 100ml in 120ml Short Fill E Liquid

Flawless Infamous Short Fill E Liquid 100ml

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Flawless Infamous Short Fill E Liquid 100ml

Apples, pears and kiwi blended together to create this perfect fruity Infamous vape.



  • Bottle Size: 100ml without nicotine shot / 120ml Bottle Size with Room For Nic Shots
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg (Option to add up to 20ml of nicotine shots)
  • 800% VG : 20% PG


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  • Multi-Buy Offer: Buy 2 Flawless Infamous Bottles for £48! To receive the discount, select the 'Quantity' Dropdown box above and select 200ml.
  • Multi-Buy Nic Shots: 3 Shots for £5. For this discount, select the 'Nicotine Shots' Dropdown box above and select 3.


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